Une autre époque… ufb…

Quelques vidéos de l'époque d' ufb !

Quelques videos d'une autre époque (avec ufb, qui existe toujours), pour quelques tests...   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZtGNzHo7wc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZtGNzHo7wc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElD-lujbNX8 http://ufbteam.com La présentation, un peu ancienne:

History :

We are in 2001, three college friends made up their minds to create a team "Unknown Flying Bullet ". This team was originally created to make wars. Few years later the team grows up and became a community, with in 2004 his first own FFA server. In 2007, the community knew how to make itself known and was able to open several new servers. Nowadays -=UFB=- is one of the biggest CS 1.6 French community.

The association :

Association : UNKNOWN FLYING BULLET TEAM R.N.A. identification : W942003044 Creation date : 27th aprill 2009 President : hackziner Secretary : Kioto Treasurer : Coin

Community purpose :

The community purpose is to answer requests coming from all kind of players making part of it. That’s why, with the number of player increasing, as of course the number of requests, the -=UFB=- staff is working hard to answer all requests. But especially to gather players with this passion which is Counter-Strike.

Members :

Everyone wishing to join our community will be welcomed. The community regroups now more than 300,000 members so don’t be afraid to ask to be part.

Activity of the community :

-=UFB=- is a very active community - in game as in real life. In Game : In game, the community organizes theme evening on the FFA server. For example, the last theme was "all around the world". In Real Life : In real life, are regularly organized aperitifs/drinks/dinners. Or some outings like amusement park. Some big events have been made like a full-week ski trip.

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